I have two new remotes with good batteries and have reprogrammed them as mentioned on the other questions. However the remotes will only sometimes open and shut the door. The wall button will work always. For example you get in the car hit the button, the door opens and you back out, now the remote will not work, the door wont close. The only way to get the door to close is to go to the wall button and push it, run out and not trip the motion sensors. It is annoying and i want to fix it so i wont have to do this anymore. Any help or ideas would be great. It is is a sears craftsman opener and is from 1996.
The antenna is out and i tried extending it but it doesn't work. The door will open when i drive up and push the remote button most of the time, it is like it forgets the remote for a moment. If it has forgotten and you use the wall button then the remote will generally work??? No idea where to go, don't want to buy a new opener and all this one works good other than this problem
How do i change the logic board and where should i get a new one from?

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